How many times have you heard the phrase ‘if someone would have told me this time last year” which is never more poignant than in 2020. A time when we have been stretched to our limits, adapted to constant change and uncertainty but also had the opportunity to realign what works and what matters. What will drive us forward and see us out the “other end”.

The Events industry is now battered and bruised

The Events industry is now battered and bruised clinging on to vaccine talk hope while wrestling with the topic of virtual events and what place they will take long term. Whilst we welcome technological advancements that support live events every article, conversation and LinkedIn post will tell you defiantly, “they will never replace live events”, thankfully.


Foresight is an incredible skill that market leaders do very well in helping change and to educate. What we have learnt in recent times is that the move toward sustainable events is not only the future of Exhibitions and Events but that it is a requirement and our duty. Growing popularity of BeMatrix and Aluvision particularly over the last three years is a clear sign of where the industry is heading, and Mercer Exhibitions are proud to be a part of that change.

offering an eco-friendly approach to exhibiting

Mercer were fortunate enough to be involved in projects across the globe offering an eco-friendly approach to exhibiting. With stock holdings in Europe, U.S & Asia. Offering the same service backed by the same people wherever you choose to exhibit internationally. This is our ambition.


If one thing can be said throughout this turmoil, it is that the industry has shown tremendous courage. Thank you to every single person who has kept up the good fight and continues to do so. It might not be tomorrow, next week or next year but we will be back doing what we do best.