In an ever changing industry, it has never been more challenging to reduce carbon footprint and save costs whilst better promoting your brand. Traditionally, exhibition stands were generally one use, disposed of and sent to landfill after the event. Here at Mercer Exhibitions we wanted to change that.

We developed our MEvolution System and can confidently say that 100% of the materials used on our stands is now either reusable or recyclable.


Created with our reusable aluminium frames, MEcore is the nuts and bolts to our solution, which provides an eco friendly, lightweight and durable core to all our stand designs.
Through this core we eliminate manufacturing costs passing savings to our customers.
With MEcore we can create virtually any size or shape imaginable where walls and ceilings blend seamlessly, forming a single flowing structure that sets your stand apart from the competition.


It’s not our MEcore structure, but your visual communication that receives all the attention thanks to MEpeel. As we fix our recyclable panels, textiles or alternative in-fills onto MEcore, our structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for art work producing a clean and uniformed look.
These display elements can created using varying recyclable materials that will attract the attention of passers-by and communicate quickly and effectively with them.


Through incorporating the latest technology within our stand designs we aim to provide an engaging interactive experience that gives you the perfect platform to showcase your brand.
From viewing your stand before the show with virtual reality to video walls and interactive displays our team are at the forefront of everything tech.